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Our Adventure Stories

Our High-Tech Adventure Thriller Stories

Our first book is The Espionage Game. Much of the story takes place at Groom Lake, also known as Area 51. It is the story about a young lady who is really a computer learning to be a Top Gun fighter pilot, and the spy vs. spy struggle over her between to gray haired spymasters.

The second book being offered is Dragon Fire. It is about biological warfare that nearly destroys China. The premise is the Cantonese Chinese wishing to be independent of the Mandarins in Beijing resort to such a terrible weapon to gain their freedom leaving two scientists stuck in the middle. It is a technically plausible story and frightfully accurate.

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Nostalgic Thrillers

Thrillers have been around ever since there were story tellers. Some are older than others, and Sea Eagle, although based on 1940's technology, which certainly does not qualify as "high technology" any longer, at the time the equipment used by both the German Navy and Barry Fitzsimmons was about the best available. However Sea Eagle is more than a story about technology, it is the story of two men, one a retired businessman defending his home, and the other a German U-boat captain doing his duty, and the battle they fought off the coast of Cape Cod in 1942.

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1849 California Mother Lode Stories

Given that we are located in the middle of the old Mother Lode of the California Gold Rush, we decided to republish a classic from that time.

The Life and Adventures of Joaquín Murieta, the Celebrated California Bandit, is a very old novel. In fact, it is about 150 years old and is the first novel ever published in California, in 1854, and the first ever written and published by a Native American. It is about the wild and woolly California Gold Rush and the people who where collectively known as the 49'ers.

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