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Our Fairy Tales

Our Traditional Irish Fairy Tales

While not traditional in the sense that they have been around for hundreds of years, the Dearbháil series are told in the traditional manner, much as a seanchaí, or story teller would, but with a modern flair and a sensitivity to the American reader.

The first book in the series Dearbháil's Song, relates how Princess Dearbháil, daughter of King Nauda of the Tuatha Dé Danann finds her one true love Cassmail. But King Nauda sets him three heroic deeds he must complete to win her hand in marriage.

A great warrior, Cassmail succeeds only to tragically die in battle. So great is her loss, she sings a lament so powerful that the gods relent and permit her to join him as the goddess of one true love. And even today, Dearbháil flitters throughout Ireland in the form of a nightingale to sing a reassuring song to each maiden who has found her one true love. And also sing a lament should that maiden lose her one true love tragically as she had.

The second book in the series is Dearbháil's Lament, the tragic story of a young American and an Irish maiden caught up in the Troubles of the 1920's. Dearbháil plays an active role in their love story as does at least one other magical personage. Further details are given below.

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Our Science-Fiction Irish Fairy Tales

With actual science overtaking science fiction, we tried to use science speculation to explain the mysteries of Irish fairy tales. This led to Kilcarrick, the first book of the Lady Fionnuala series of stories. The series follows the life of Fionla, as she is known in this story, through her thousands of years living on earth. In it, we try to explain a rational basis for so many of our present-day myths and fairy tales. A good deal of this depends on supra-spatial portals or “worm holes” that permit various species to move from planet to planet by simply stepping through them.

Thus Kilcarrick is both an intergalactic science fiction adventure story as well as an Irish fairy tale. Thus begins a journey of discovery as she leads Barry Donovane through a world he never dreamt existed filled with technology thousands of years ahead of anything he had seen before. And he finds out that the leprechauns and fairies of Ireland are real, as are the medieval dragons, the Yeti, the Lock Ness monster and where Jesus Christ is really buried.

We have now added Wrath of Allah to the Lady Fionnuala series. In this story, Barry enlists the aid of a Russian computer hacker and a renegade ex-KGB colonel to destroy some embarassing evidence the FBI has on them all and pin the blame on Islamic Jihadist cyber-terrorists.



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