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How to order

At present, we are selling our eBooks and printed books through most established Internet-based booksellers or you can go to your local bookstore and order it, if you wish.

Ordering Printed versions

Although we are withdrawing most of our books from the printed format during 2012, many of our books are still available as Print on Demand (POD) books through both Ingram Books and Baker & Taylor, and printed in both the United States and UK. The actual book you order is manufactured within a few days in either country and will be shipped to you. This takes just a few days. Check the individual book listing in Our Books for the availability of a particular book as a POD.

Because we are distributed by both Ingram Books and Baker & Taylor, our books are available on-line from just about any of the large on-line book sellers, such as Amazon.com, Books a Million, Barnes & Noble, Powells, as well as Amazon.co.uk, Blackwell's and many other fine bookstores the world over. Below we have links to several such booksellers, but we encourage you to shop around. Most of these stores offer a substantial discount, free shipping or whatever. Since we are paid the same on our wholesale price, we do not care where you buy. You can also go to your local neighborhood bookshop and order any of these POD books using the ISBN number shown on the display pages for each book.

Ordering eBook versions

We cannot at this time offer the eBook versions of our books to you directly from Poitin Press. The reason is the high cost of installing a secure Digital Rights Management server to download the eBooks to you.

You can, however, purchase them, together with the printed version from Amazon.com and Powells.com, as well as such sites as Ebookmall.com who sell only eBooks. And, of course, all of our books are available from Amazon's Kindle Bookstore and Barnes and Nobles Nook Bookstore.

If you need to obtain a reader, you can obtain a free one from the following links. You can also learn about them from the followingpage About eBook Readers

Getting the FREE Reader of your choice.

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Download Kindle Reader for Android systems
Download Nook Reader for just about anything!

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for eBooks

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Ordering On-line

We put some effort in our book carousel display page on Our Books. Please click on the book cover of the book you are interested in to go to that book's page and use one of the links at the bottom. Both Kindle and Nook formats are available, as are the Adobe Reader. You can also learn if a particular book has been withdrawn from POD on the same web page.



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