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The Alex O'Conner Trilogy

The Alex O’Connor trilogy is a fictionalized autobiography of a young man learning about love, life and sexuality. It begins with him in graduate school. A typical middle-class American youth, he was raised in the puritanical prudish mores of the mid-twentieth century. And he is relatively inexperienced, both sexually or in the realities of the world. The trilogy relates his learning experiences.

His first learning experience is the story of Negrita, a South American aristocratic beauty who was the first woman in her family to go to graduate school. However, her attitudes about sex and life are anything but repressive, and so she makes Alex her lover and teaches him how to love a woman. Then she uses him to teach the American women about the joy of sex.

In the second volume, Alex O’Connor is contacted one day by “Mr. Brown” who offers Alex the choice of working part time for a “governmental agency” or being drafted and sent to Viet Nam. The choice is simple, or so it seems at first, but as Alex falls ever deeper down the rabbit hole into the covert world he calls “Wonderland”, there is no reality except the The Rule – thou shall not talk.

Gail, is in development and may be published someday, but not soon.

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