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As our list of books increased we found that we had to go to a carousel to show then all. You can use it to select a book of particular interest by clicking on the small icon in the banner on top and then the larger icon to go to a page about that book.  We hope you find it a convenience .

. This is a science fiction story told from the alien’s viewpoint. It is about a little guy facing a very big world on his own having been marooned on a strange world by its makers’ stupidity. . Set in 1924 Ireland, this is a tragic story of two young lovers caught between forces that destroy all that they touch, but still in Ireland, a magical land of legends, gods, and real fairies, one of whom is Dearbháil . The story of how a Irish Princess found her one true love, only to lose him in battle, but then regained him as she became the Celtic goddess of a maiden's one true love . A science fiction Irish Fairy Tale! Barry inherits a haunted Irish castle only to discover a "elf" from outer space and that leprechauns are real as are dragons, fairies and supra-spatial wormholes. The first book in the Lady Fionnuala series. . A sequel to Kilcarrick, Barry enlists the aid of a KGB colonel and Russian hacker to destroy incriminating evidence the FBI has and make it look like a Islamic Jihadist cyber attack. . Millennia-old tensions are again tearing China apart. A cabal of Hong Kong businessmen threaten to use Dragon Fire, a man- made virus so virulent that would kill every man, woman and child in Beijing in days and all of northern China in a week. . The first novel published in California, as well as the first novel written by a Native American, this is a colorful and romantic story portraying in no uncertain terms what life was like during the California Gold Rush of 1850's. . Negrita is one woman’s crusade against the sexual repression of American women, as well as a love story, for she is Alex’s first true love, starting a young and callow young man on the road to maturation. Meant for an adult audience. . Alex O’Connor has the choice of either secretly working for a “governmental agency” or being drafted and sent to Viet Nam. So he joins them and soon learns that nothing is it appears and that there is only one rule, The Rule – Thou shall not talk. . It’s early 1942 and the U-boats are ravaging the undefended US Atlantic coast. But ordinary men stood to defended their homes as Minute Men. This is the story of a retired business man and a U-boat captain, and their battle off the coast of Cape Cod. The new military dictator of Iraq threatens Israel with a gigantic cannon begun by Saddam Hussein. The Russian military appears to help complete the super cannon, but are actually after the USAF's top secret airplane in a 'spy vs spy' thriller.


Our Books by Genre

We have also divided them according to genre, more or less. While never a perfect system we did include each book in any of the genre listed below if it was appropriate. At present, all books are available in Amazon Kindle as well as Barnes and Noble Nook formats. Some of the older books were also available in Microsoft Reader format, which are now largely obsolete. Click in each genre heading to see more information about the selections.

Our Adventure Thriller Stories

Our first book is The Espionage Game. Much of the story takes place at Groom Lake, also known as Area 51.

The second book being offered is Dragon Fire. It is about biological warfare that nearly destroys China.

However Sea Eagle is the story of two men, one a retired man defending his home, and the other a German U-boat captain doing his duty, and the battle they fought off the coast of Cape Cod in 1942.

The Life and Adventures of Joaquín Murieta, the Celebrated California Bandit, is a very old novel. In fact, it is about 150 years old and is the first novel ever published in California, in 1854, and the first ever written and published by a Native American

The Alex O'Conner Trilogy

The Alex O’Connor trilogy is a fictionalized autobiography of a young man learning about love, life and sexuality. His first learning experience is the story of Negrita, a South American aristocratic beauty who was the first woman in her family to go to graduate school.

In the second volume, The Rule – thou shall not talk Alex O’Connor is given the choice of working part time for a “governmental agency” or being drafted and sent to Viet Nam.

The third book, Gail, might be finished some day but is not yet available.

Science Fiction

Ever think about what the alien who "invaded" Earth thought? This is a major focus of the Ban-dol as he tries to figure out how to get to Area 51 and the downed space ship he was sent to recover.

And as an interesting twist, we are now publishing the Lady Fionnuala series, a collection of science-fiction Irish fairy tale stories about an Irish elf who is actually an inter-galactic visitor living in Ireland and is thought by many to be an Irish fairy. The first story is Kilcarrick, which explains why the leprechauns and fairies of Ireland are real, as are the medieval dragons, the Yeti, the Lock Ness monster, to name just a few.

We have now added Wrath of Allah to the Lady Fionnuala series. In this story, Barry enlists the aid of a Russian computer hacker and a renegade ex-KGB colonel to destroy some embarassing evidence the FBI has on them all and pin the blame on Islamic Jihadist cyber-terrorists.

We also cross list The Espionage Game and Dragon Fire in this genre.

Irish FairyTales

Being Irish, we are drawn to this interesting genre and are pleased to announce several new Irish Fairy Tales. The first two are the story of Dearbháil, the Irish fairy goddess of a young maiden's one true love and how she became so in Dearbháil's Song and the role she plays in a much more modern Irish tragedy Dearbháil's Lament set in 1924.

As noted above, we are also doing a series of stories, the Lady Fionnuala series, which can only be described as science fiction fairy tales. The first one, Kilcarrick, is available as is the second, Wrath of Allah.



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