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Our Science Fiction Stories

High-Tech Adventure Thriller Stories

We started our publishing career with "High-Tech" adventure thrillers in 2001 with two books by Paul Reilly.

Our first book is The Espionage Game. Much of the story takes place at Groom Lake, also known as Area 51. It is the story about a young lady who is really a computer learning to be a Top Gun fighter pilot, and the spy vs. spy struggle over her between to gray haired spymasters.

The second book is Dragon Fire. It is about biological warfare that nearly destroys China.The premise is the Cantonese Chinese wishing to be independent of the Mandarins in Beijing resort to such a terrible weapon to gain their freedom leaving two scientists stuck in the middle. It is a technically plausible story and frightfully accurate.

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Traditional Science Fiction

Ever think about what the alien who "invaded" Earth thought? This is a major focus of the Ban-dol. While Roscoe, as the American Scientists trying to catch him called him, wasn't actually an invader, he did get stuck on Earth due to a series of stupid decisions his makers made. However, he was made of sterner stuff than most and so he uses his wit and cunning to not only avoid the American scientists bent on catching him, but he also leads them on a merry chase as he tries to figure out how to get to Area 51 and the downed space ship he was sent to recover. This story is told, in large part, through his eyes, or rather the sensors he uses for vision.

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Fairy Tale Science Fiction

In an interesting twist, we decided to try to explain the myths and phenomena usually described in fairy tales in terms of scientific speculation. These are going to form the Lady Fionnuala series. The first story, Kilcarrick, is the story of Barry Donovan, a middle-aged college professor, who inherits a 800-year-old haunted Irish castle from a cousin he had never met, only to discover that the ghost of Lady Fionnuala is really a very much alive 3000-year-old “elf” named ‘Fionla’ from another planet and that she can travel inter-galactically by simply stepping through a supra-spatial “worm hole” that she calls a “portal”.

Thus begins Barry’s journey of discovery as she leads him through a world he never dreamt existed filled with technology thousands of years ahead of anything he had seen before. And he finds out that the leprechauns and fairies of Ireland are real, as are the medieval dragons, the Yeti, the Lock Ness monster and where Jesus Christ is really buried.

In Wrath of Allah Barry is hassled by some heavy handed FBI agents looking for information about the illegal money laundering he is doing with Seamus in Dubai. Anrgy, he teams up with an renegade ex-KGB colonel and a Russian hacker to destory evidence on FBI computers so it looks like it was actually a cyber attack by a group of technologically savvy Islamic Jihadists.

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