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What's New

We now support Kindle and NOOK eBooks

While the market for eBooks is growing, so is the available technology, and it is clear that Amazon's Kindle is a major player. In addition, Barnes and Noble came out with the Nook eBook in late November 2011 as well! Thus we are now publishing all our books in both the Kindle and Nook bookstores as well. Just click on the icon for the book you are interested in and follow the link to the Kindle or Nook bookstore where you can purchase it on-line.

The downside of this development is that "Print On Demand" sales have fallen off to virturally nothing. We unfortunately find ourselves forced to discontinue offering most of our books as POD as their "registration" fee comes due. We will stop offering all books except Joaquin Murieta as POD by the end of 2012. See About us for further details.

Our new books!

We released four new books for publication. The first is Ban-dol, a science fiction work about a little guy facing a very big world on his own with no help from home. It is the story of an alien being stuck on Earth with several human scientists out to capture it. The story is told, in large part, from the alien's point of view.

As a special treat, we are branching out into new Irish Fairy Tales. but told in the classical manner. The first is the Dearbháil's Song, a classical Irish Fairy Tale, which was followed by Dearbháil's Lament, a tragic love story based on the Troubles in the mid-1920's in Ireland and tied to the first story.

We have also published Kilcarrick, an Irish fairly tale, but told from a science fiction view point. Kilcarrick is just the first in a planned series of stories about Lady Fionnuala, an Irish elf who really comes from a distant, now defunct world. Like most elves, she has been around for many years and so has many stories to tell. Kilcarrick is merely the first, with two more nearing completion. We expect to be telling her tales for years to come and have developed her story into a major series, the Lady Fionnuala series.

UPDATE! Here we are in 2015 and we are announcing the second book in the Lady Fionnuala series. – Wrath of Alllah. This is a sequel to Kilcarrick which takes place about six months after the first story. In this tale, Barry Donovan is in his castle happily translating some ancient texts that he borrowed from her when the telephone rings. He has visitors from America, he is told – from the FBI and they want to talk to him about how money is being moved around and apparently laundered – an activity that his uncle and cousin were deeply involved in for years.

Thus begins a game of wits between Barry and the FBI as he tries to shake them off his trail. In this tale he enlists the help of a Russian gangster, a world-class Russian computer hacker and together they wipe out incriminating information the FBI has by staging an Islamic Jihadist technological attack.



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