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About the Author

Paul Reilly

A technologist who earned his Ph.D. in 1972, Paul Reilly started off writing PDP-11 assembly programs for Digital Equipment Corporation in the early 1970's, before moving to the Silicon Valley in 1979 to join the microprocessor revolution. A veteran of too many start-ups, Paul eventually joined Silicon Graphics, where he first wrote code for Unix, and then moved on to networking, telecommunications, digital video and compression. A quick learner, he mastered Ethernet, FDDI, Token Ring, TCP/UDP/IP, ATM, SDH, SONET, MPEG, JPEG and a host of other technologies.

Early on, creative writing became a major release for him from the daily grind of the high-technology world. As the years went by, the pile of manuscripts accumulated, until in 1999, he sold out and retired to the Sierra foothills of California. Finally free of the daily route 101 commute, Paul has at last had time to finish these books and publish them. The first were The Espionage Game and Dragon Fire. Next. 2006 saw the publishing of  thefirst two books of the Alex O'Connor trilogy, Negrita  and The Rule, which are a fictionalized autobiography.  

In addition, we  published Sea Eagle  in 2006, an Old Man and the Sea story about the American Home Front of World War II.

In 2011, we published two Irish fairy tales written by Paul as well. The first is The Legend of Dearbhaíl, a fairy legend set in the prehistory of Ireland, and Dearbhaíl's Lament, a Romeo and Juliet tragedy set in the Troubles of Northern Ireland in 1924.

Additionally in 2011 we published a science fiction novel about the Ban-dol, which comes to Area 51 to reclaim its flying saucer.

Other books are in the works as well, including the Fionnuala series , the story of an Irish elf and her adventures over a very long lifetime.  The first book will be Kilcarrick, which is in the publication cycle and should be out in 2011.  There are presently two more books in this series being worked on with at least three more in planning stages



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