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Dragon Fire

by Paul Reilly

ISBN 0-9678189-1-5
  (Printed Trade Paperback out of print)

ASIN: B0059K1P1Y
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Although it’s the twenty-first century, millennia-old tensions are again tearing China apart.The Mandarin speaking northern Chinese are seen by the Cantonese speaking southern Chinese as robbing them of their money, power and culture. And they have had enough. A cabal of rich Hong Kong businessmen have set up a plan to free them from the northern Chinese by threatening to use a weapon so terrible as to frighten those ruling in Beijing into submission. That weapon is Dragon Fire, a man-made virus so virulent that it would kill every man, woman and child in Beijing in days and all of northern China in a week. The north replies with a threat of their own – retaliatory nuclear annihilation.

Glen Martin, a leading biotechnologist from Silicon Valley, inadvertently becomes involved and is soon recruited by Beijing to help find a counter to this terrible threat. Together with Jennifer Liang, a beautiful and brilliant virologist, he races against the clock in an apparently hopeless quest. Yet there can be no question of failure – they must succeed or there will be no China.

This is a techno-thriller filled with suspense, intrigue, lust and passion.

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