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Espionage Game

by Paul Reilly

ISBN 0-9678189-0-7
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ISBN 0-9678189-4-X
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It’s the new millennium, and the new military dictator of Iraq, Khalid Ribat, threatens Israel with nuclear holocaust. The weapon is New Babylon, a gigantic cannon originally begun by Saddam Hussein but hidden during the Gulf War. A group of Russian military and political leaders bent on returning Russia to this former glory have joined forces with Khalid to complete the super cannon and even supply him with the plutonium needed for the nuclear warheads.

The Israelis soon learn of New Babylon but discover that it is hidden deep in a mountain in eastern Iraq, well out of the range of their aircraft and missiles. A plea for help goes to Washington. The Americans quickly realize that the only way that they can destroy New Babylon is by learning its precise location. The Americans send in their secret spy aircraft based at their top secret Groom Lake air base.

But there are deeper motivations pitting two spymasters against each other in a post-Cold War version of The Espionage Game. The Russians’ real goal is the capture of America's newest technology, the CLEO computer, a neural network capable of thinking and making independent decisions like a man. It is Lazarus Keesley’s task to stop them. The Espionage Game is more than a techno-thriller — it is also a spy-versus-spy novel of the Le Carré school filled with double and triple crosses.

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