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by Paul Reilly

ISBN 978-1-59108-011-4
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Kilcarrick is both an intergalactic science fiction adventure story as well as an Irish fairy tale and the first in the Lady Fionnuala series.

Barry Donovan, a middle-aged college professor, inherits a 800-year-old haunted Irish castle from a cousin he had never met. However, he quickly discovers that the ghost of Lady Fionnuala is really a very much alive 3000-year-old “elf” named ‘Fionla’ from another planet and that she can travel inter-galactically by simply stepping through a supra-spatial “worm hole” that she calls a “portal”.

Thus begins Barry’s journey of discovery as she leads him through a world he never dreamt existed filled with technology thousands of years ahead of anything he had seen before. And he finds out that the leprechauns and fairies of Ireland are real, as are the medieval dragons, the Yeti, the Lock Ness monster and where Jesus Christ is really buried.

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