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by Paul Reilly

ISBN 978-1-59108-003-9
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The first volume of the Alex O’Connor trilogy, Negrita is the story of a woman’s crusade against the sexual repression of American women during the mid-part of the twentieth century. Raised in a South American aristocratic family in which the men had mistresses and the women had lovers, Negrita learned the pleasures of her sexuality at an early age. So it was no surprise that she rebels against the puritanical prudishness she finds when she comes to school in America.

She begins her crusade with Alex, whom she teaches how to please a woman. Then she continues her crusade by showing her American sisters the true beauty of sex by getting them to sleep with Alex.

Negrita is also a love story, for she is Alex’s first true love, and this changes him in many ways, starting a young and callow young man on the road to maturation.

The intimate scenes are explicit and are meant for an adult audience.

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