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The Rule

by Paul Reilly

ISBN 978-1-59108-004-6
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The second book in the Alex O’Connor trilogy, The Rule is a rude awakening in the life of Alex. One day “Mr. Brown” visits him at the university computer center and informs him that he has the choice of either secretly working for a “governmental agency” or being drafted and sent to Viet Nam. The choice seems simple, for part of his cover is that he was to continue his life at the university. All he had to do, he is told, is help maintain the software on IBM mainframe computers.What they didn’t tell him is that he was also expendable.

So he joins them in what he calls “Wonderland” and soon learns that nothing in the covert world of Wonderland is as it appears, and that there is only one rule, The Rule – Thou shall not talk.

While The Rule is mainly the story about Alex’s experiences in Wonderland, he also finds the second great love of his life, the woman he should have married. However, he can’t for he doesn’t even know her name.

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